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You could go to 50 different marketing companies and set up 50 different contracts and hope for 50 different positive results or...... You can simply click on this link above and receive your free Digital marketing report card to learn where we should begin. Yes, it is that simple.

Marketing Solutions Simplified has partnered with Cox media, Time Warner, Comcast, Direct TV, Clear Channel, Outfront Media, Microsoft, Nonprofits, Community Events, Sponsorship Opportunities, and so much more on your behalf. You will always benefit by saving time, money, and peace of mind by engaging us as a partner. Simply click


and we will. Receive your free digital marketing report card today.

We have been listening to business owners and helping them sift through viable digital and traditional marketing options since 2004.

We are selective with the businesses we work with ... and they appreciate that we are that focused.

We are not a good fit for everyone and we do not claim to do everything. And again, the feedback we have received has been positive.

We save the decision maker's time, money, and their sanity by translating the digital and traditional marketing landscapes for them by simply letting them tell us their objectives, and then we blueprint the best strategic solution package that will get them there.

We apply our expertise specifically the isolated category that applies to their single industry to triple the results. Our laser focus delivers their message and the results, directly to their bottom line.

Laser focused programs with sweeping integrations. Everybody, let's make the marketing headaches go away. Let's just get back to business.

Marketing partnerships are smarter, more reliable, and definitely more profitable for your business. Don't get lost along the way.

Our Marketing excels and delivers exceptional results specifically for the 10 following business types. Is yours one of these?

10 industries that we prefer to specialize in:

Make the Right Move


Once you make the right move and partner with us, you will be glad you did. We will unify your online presence, integrate your social media, begin to inform your ideal customers why you stand out and what makes you different. And the conversation with your customers will not be one way. Surveys, offers, newsletters, text campaigns and social media will allow them to get to know and trust your business as a viable buying option. Triple the sales, with interested clients. That can only lead to good things.

In our Strategic Marketing Partnership we automatically provide specialized pricing on ongoing basis for all of your traditional print and vehicle wrap needs, so now you will no longer have to worry about the materials for your next trade show, event, or vehicle wrap message.

We got you covered, and your vehicles too. So all of your sales presentations, brochures, and business card designs can be uploaded into your direct access print portal. You will be ready to have all of your items shipped directly to your preferred location.


As we mentioned. This will save you time, money, and provide you with a peace of mind. Strategic marketing Partnerships have their privileges. And now you can continue to keep your focus on other areas that require your presence and attention, as opposed to countless marketing sales solicitations and meetings that service everything under the sun, while Specific Marketing Solutions has been strategically designed to service just your business industry. We selected the perfect 10 business industries to service, and you selected us because of that expertise. This partnership definitely makes sense.

We are designed to work for you. We are handing you the cyber keys. We are here to lend you a hand. We are here to help.